EasyCall - For Your Phone
EasyCall - For Your Phone
EasyCall - For Your Phone
EasyCall - For Your Phone

EasyCall - For Your Phone

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Protect Yourself from electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from mobile phones.

Benefits of Easycall

✅ Eliminates the negative effects of EMR to our body and health.

✅ Reduce Stress, Headaches and Fatigue caused by long term use.

✅ If children use your mobile phone they are at greater risk as they absorb 10 times more EMR.

✅ Enjoy the Health Benefit of Peace of Mind, knowing You are protected.

✅ Get Protected Now - Slim and easy to use. Just stick to your phone or phone case.

✅ Use on all phones. 2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G !!!


Did You Know?

Most popular mobile phones have Safety Warnings in the small print telling us not to put our mobile phone within 15mm of our head or else we will exceed the official EMR safety levels. Long-term mobile phone use has been linked to an increased risk of certain types of brain cancer and other illnesses. Keeping our mobile phone tucked into a bra or front trouser pocket increases our exposure to EMR which can cause other issues such as reduced fertility.

Easycall specifically targets the electromagnetic fields generated by the electronic components of mobile phones and the up and down radio-communications from 400 MHz to 5 GHz with its modulations.

Your phone is constantly picking up and dropping signals to the local cell phone masts (which are now everywhere, and with 5G will be much closer to us).

For Your information: Use in a car amplifies this danger!

How does EasyCall work?

All Comosystems Products use CMO (Compensating Magnetic Oscillator) technology which is stimulated by EM Radiation (from your phone) and generates a compensating signal. This stops disruptions to our normal biological processes. (i.e. We are protected from the stress and danger caused by constant EMR exposure)

This means we Live in Harmony with Technology without interfering with the function and benefits we derive from our Phones.

We all Love and Need our phones for work, rest and play.

Approved by the AFSSAPS

"CMO is the best way today to compensate for the biological effects induced by artificial EMFs"

French Health Products Safety Agency


Once fitted with a CMO Easycall, your Smart phone becomes "biocompatible", ie compatible with living organisms who use it = you and your family.

Product Information

Size:                4cm disc

Weight:            5g

How To Use:

 1.  Clean the surface of your mobile phone with a piece of cloth.
 2.  Peel off the sheet on the sticky dot on the back of the EasyCall.
 3.  Stick onto the cleaned surface of Your Phone, or the case if your case won't fit over it.
 4.  Apply even pressure on the EasyCall to ensure it is sticks firmly.