Frequently Asked Questions


The following questions are frequently asked, however if you have any other questions regarding EM pollution and CMO technology that are not answered below please contact us and we will endeavour to answer your queries.

1. Why does the Industry and Authorities claim that mobile phones, WiFi and Smart meters are safe?

Safety levels are based on an outdated belief that in order to cause biological affects, EMFs must have a thermal effect (i.e. have a heating effect). This belief was the basis of the SAR scale which is still used to determine safety levels. Industry-sponsored research is used to justify the ongoing expansion in the use of EMFs, whereas independent research provides much evidence of the dangers. It has been proven beyond doubt that EMFs do not need to cause a thermal effect to alter our biology however much the Industry denies it.

2. Why are pregnant women, babies and children most at risk?

The ability of EM radiation to penetrate the body is determined by its wavelength - the higher the wavelength the greater distance it can go into the body. The smaller the body the farther the same wavelength penetrates into it proportionally. This is most easily demonstrated by showing the heating effect of a mobile phone on the skulls of people of different ages. Children also have thinner skulls.

Developing foetuses, babies and children also have much higher numbersof stem cells which research has demonstrated are more susceptible to EMFs than already differentiated cells.

3. Why is 5G more dangerous than 2, 3 or 4G?

With the massive increase in the amount of communications the bandwidth used for 2-4G has been all used up. New forms of communication must therefore use a different frequency. 5G is a higher frequency which has advantages for data carriage and download speeds in terms of Gb/sec compared to the current Mb/sec. However the downsides are that the higher frequency penetrates further into the body, is more disruptive and because it cannot be relayed over such long distances requires a network of 5G masts much closer together which means that there will be many more masts (sources of EM radiation) in closer proximity to people, their homes and offices. In cities, 5G masts will be placed approximately every 5-10 houses on street lights. The strength of the signal is highest closer to the masts which means many more people will be forced to live in close proximity to them with little prospect of moving away from them.

4. How does CMO help?

CMO devices are stimulated by the EM radiation that hits it to generate a compensating signal which reinforces the correct biological frequencies within the cells of those within range. This reinforcement signal prevents interference from the EM pollution that disrupts our normal biological processes. This means our cells function as normal, allowing us to live in harmony with EM-generating technology without interfering with the function and benefits we derive from this technology.

5. What proof is there that CMO works?

There has been 10 years of research performed by independent scientists that have proven how CMO devices mitigate the adverse effects. These have been carried out on a number of stress markers as well as ants which are very susceptible to the adverse effects of EMFs. There have been no negative research papers. There have also been many testimonials from people around the world who have benefitted from CMO. Original CMO technology devices were first built 25 years ago and are still fully functional today although haven't been officially researched.

6. Has CMO got official recognition?

The AFSSAPS (French Health Products Safety Agency) tested CMO to establish if the public were being led astray.
After rigorous testing they were very positive and gave permission for CMO to make the following statement
"CMO is the best way today to compensate for the biological effects induced by artificial EMFs".

7. If I buy a Harmony do I still need to buy a PCZone for my laptop/tablet or an EasyCall for my mobile phone?

A Harmony provides cover for anybody within the area of influence from any devcice within the area or outside it that emits an EMF that would otherwise cause an adverse effect within the area of influence. If a laptop or tablet will be used outside the area covered by the Harmony then it will require a PCZone in order to maintain the positive CMO influence. Likewise an Easycall provides continuous CMO influence when used outside the area of influence of a Harmony. Alternatively the user can wear a Traveller in order to maintain cover against any EMFs outside the protection of the Harmony.

8. If I change my phone or PC/tablet/laptop can I move my CMO to my new device?

NB: In order to remove your CMO button, we advise you to take a simple nylon thread, slide it between the CMO and the phone (or PC/laptop/tablet), and shear the adhesive pads in order to loosen the CMO delicately.You can get new adhesive pads from us or from a Hobby store. To ensure better adhesion of the new adhesive pads, the surface of the device or shell must be smooth so the adhesive can stick properly.
CAUTION: Never attempt to remove a CMO button from a device on which it is glued by pulling or using a knife to peel it off. You risk weakening the seal between the two metal parts enclosing the active solution. The guarantee cannot be applied if the CMO becomes unsealed after an unsuitable removal.
We also advise you to remove traces of the old adhesive from your CMO (and the old phone) with 70° alcohol. Once the area is clean and dry, you can put the new adhesive pads on your CMO and finally stick it onto your new device.

9. How long will it take to notice any difference?

This is an individual response determined by a number of factors. Different people experience EMFs to different degrees. At least 3% of the population are considered disabled by EM pollution and are termed Electro HyperSensative (EHS), although over 40% of the population experience lesser symptoms to some degree. How long it takes for an individual to feel better will therefore depend on how badly they are affected, how quickly their cells and body can reverse the changes, how strong their exposure is and whether they are covered by CMO at work as well as at home etc.

10. How does the network signal strength as shown on a mobile phone correlate to the strength of the emitted EMFs?

Contrary to what you may think, the weaker the network signal, the harder your mobile phone has to work to maintain the connection. This means the emitted EMFs are potentially more harmful when you are making calls in a weak signal area, or in enclosed spaces such as a car etc.

11. How is CMO affected by temperature?

CMO technology is stable from freezing to 65°C. Due to the crystalline solution it freezes below 0°C. When CMO freezes there is temporary interruption of the mitigating signal which regains its efficacy when it thaws. Above 65°C the mitigating signal is irretrievably destroyed. Under normal UK and Eire weather conditions CMO should not be at risk, however we advise not keeping your CMO in an area where sunlight may be magnified and amplified through glass.

12. How is CMO affected by security X-ray etc?

CMO technology is designed to function within EMF pollution zones.  There are no issues arising from your Traveller and/or Easycall and/or PCZone going through security scanners or X-ray detectors. Just put them in the tray as usual and there should be no problems.

13. How does CMO technology compare with other devices that claim to protect from EMFs

Firstly, CMO does not claim to be a shield against EMFs. It is not possible to shield the body from EMFs unless you are in some sort of Faraday Cage. If you are truly shielded then the technology will not work within the influence of the shield. CMO works by emitting a compensation signal that influences the body.  This has been verified through a number of research studies and by multiple scientists in different universities and laboratories. It is up to other technologies to verify their own efficacy and establish how they work in repeated experiments at high level research establishments.
To our knowledge no other technology has been tested to the same extent as CMO.

14. Where are CMO manufactured?

CMO technology is still manufactured in France although the Head Office for the business is located in Spain.