CMO Efficiency

Efficiency of CMO technology

Each CMO contains a microcrystalline solution that, activated by the received electromagnetic radiation from polluting devices, generates a hyper-weak signal. This is the compensation signal.

This compensation signal will resonate with the receptors of living organisms, and thus allow the cells of the body to function normally and naturally, primarily with respect to Calcium channels, despite the presence of artificial electromagnetic radiation.

The CMO does not modify the intensity of the fields emitted by polluting electromagnetic devices: it does not disturb their operation and does not constitute an additional electromagnetic pollution. The compensation signal of the CMO is a hyper-weak and bio-active signal, which directly opposes the electromagnetic stress generated by the polluting radiations.

  • 10 years of biological and clinical experiments, in hospitals and independent university laboratories
  • Effectiveness confirmed in international peer-reviewed scientific publications.


Apply the Precautionary Principle as advocated by the European Council against the risks of Electromagnetic waves for the body.